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The Special Brick Company offers a high level of expertise, excellent customer service and industry knowledge in special shape brick cutting.  These products can be manufactured quickly and efficiently using standard bricks, eliminating the long delivery periods often quoted by brick manufacturers.


Special Shapes - Brick and Block

We produce Special Shaped Bricks to BS 4729:2005,  using bricks from all brick manufacturers, including Raeburn, Hanson, Ibstock and Weinerberger/Terca.  Most special shapes can be produced using bricks supplied from site - this is preferable as the bricks used to produce specials are from the same batches as those used in the rest of the project.  In some cases, however, we can supply specials made from bricks held in stock.  Our team will discuss the requirements with each customer to determine the most appropriate solution for their project.

 We can produce special shapes from all types of bricks (stock, wirecut, engineering, glazed, rustic, waterstruck, reclaimed, handmade, metric and imperial) and all forms of blocks  (smooth, pitched face, shotblasted, splitfaced, polished).



We are also specialists in Refacing – we can produce solid bricks, faced on bed, to match bricks supplied by site when the brick manufacturers either quote long lead times or do not produce them at all.  We call this process “fill and face”.



Please visit our Gallery for examples of our work.




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